Sunday, July 1, 2007

a good cause

there is a woman i know via the internet, a wonderful talented designer named chappy. now chappy has designed many patterns over the years, but none as special as the booby sock. thats right you heard me the booby sock,a sock designed for woman by a woman in support of breast cancer awarness/ i would love if all of you could take a look at this pattern and order it , part of the proceeds go to the susan b cancer reasearch foundation a very worthy cause indeed.

we all have to do our part in finding a cure for breast cancer. woman and men alike as it is not just a disease for woman. men too can get breast cancer.

so hop aboard and order your pattern from chappy, you wont regret it, its a wonderful design from a talented designer for a cause that needs our help. we all know some one somewho has either suffered from breast cancer or who has had a family member or friend devistated from this disease. wont you please do your part and help?

on behalf of chappy who has permitted me to post this i thank you in advance and happy knitting :0)

You've all heard of bobby socks; well, this is booby sock! Besides making you smile, or even giggle, there is a purpose for this sock. It is to give awareness to breast cancer. Along with keeping your feet warm, the booby socks will give you a gentle reminder to do your monthly self-breast exams and to get that annual mammogram!
The booby sock has several features - a cabled cuff, 4 differentpattern bands and a star toe. Some info on these choices:
1st pattern band represents our tireless, unending footsteps to raise money to help find a cure.
2nd pattern band represents the pink ribbon which is known internationally as a symbol to help raise awareness of breast cancer.
3rd pattern band represents a pair of breasts. (okay, you gotta stretch the imagination a tad here!)
4th pattern band represents a pair of mammogrammed breasts. (there's a giggle!)
A star toe was used since every woman is a star! And yes, the toe is anatomically correct!
$7.50 - $3.50 of the purchase price will be donated to the Susan Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research. I will keep a running total posted of what is being donated.


Wednesday, June 13, 2007

its been a while

since i last posted. sorry about that, but i was missing in action for awhile.
on may 28 , I went to the hospital for a total knee replacement on my left knee and i have been recuperating from that. I'm home now but its still a long haul. still alot of pain, but its different pain now , surgery pain its different from arthritis pain, but its still pain. I haven't been able to concentrate on my knitting at all!!
hopefully that will change soon as the pain dissipates

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

oh no!!!

me. here. with out a computer? yes it happened on no!!!! I thought the old girl died on me. I was sooo sad Hubby panicked the other night when we had a storm coming thru. "shut the computer off it might get fried" he cried . silly man lol I never shut off my comp. I had trouble with the on/off switch before so my computer is always on. but, he was panicked so I shut it off. then, sure enough waaa!!! it wouldn't come back on. what to do what to do. hubby started to tease me."your going thru with drawl" he laughed.
had sil come over today, sure enough it was the on /off switch and....tada!!!! he fixed it, and now I'm happy. whewwww, life with out a computer how the heck do people manage now a days ? lol

Saturday, May 19, 2007

yea!!!! lucky me!!

instead of just one partner in the bottle swap, lucky me i get two YEA!!!

I love shopping for my bottle swap partners. trying to fig out what they would like. I always like to try and put some thing personally made into the swap if I can, .I remember 1 partner I had to send out to. not only was she totally into knitting and a very fine knitter, she and her hubby were totally into their fishing and took fishing trips all the time.well I decided to do something a little diff. sure i sent her knitted items, after all this is a knitting group, but i also ventured a little further into my shopping and bout her a load of fishing stuff. oh like jigs and rigs and fishing line you get the idea. well the day before leaving on a fishing trip, my partner received my swap and she was so happy and it was perfect timing as they were leaving the next morning to go fishing. she absolutely loved the fact that she got all this fishing gear. that's why i like to try and find out more about my partner if I can that way I can always include something different. something they wouldn't expect to get in a swap. and thats half the fun I think.
some times if I know they have small children I will sut something in for the kids as kids love getting surprises in the mail. if they have furbabies, I like to put some treats of toys in for the fur babies
you have to try and be creative with out breaking the bank. and its possible, you dont have to spend alot of money all the time. just take the time to know your partner and from there and you will have a blast

Thursday, May 17, 2007

i got tagged!!!!

by Cathy @
thanks Cathy.
i have to write
8 things about my self , this is going to be hard

1 until my disability i worked for an agency that helped families in crisis
and the crisis could be anything from medical to kids gone wild. a lot of it was teaching parents how to parent

2 i don't drink alcohol

3 i like country music

4 i love getting together with a bunch of people for knitting

5 according to hubby and kids i make the best lasagna in the world and he would love for me to open a restaurant

6 i love receiving flowers baby yellow roses and white roses are my favourite
7 i love to play bingo

8 my best friend in the whole world is boz my hubby

ok thats all i can think of , i hope that its ok now to find some people to tag he he he

ok i have tagged elsie at

wendy at

now marg @

now knittingjunkie

and now amy

how about donna at

and now judie at

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

when ever bottle swap

well i got a partner for the whenever bottle swap and I'm so excited.
i love this swap. it has always been a good swap well organized and the people that sign up for it, the partners i have given to and received from have always been great.

i have a few ideas in mind for my partner but i wont disclose yet. just in case she reads blogs. this is the first time i have been in this swap with a blog so it should be interesting.
to the partner who is sending to me. i mentioned a few things in a previous post and like i said , i love everything i get. I'm not picky at all.
the one thing i probably don't need is note pads or sticky notes. a calender from your area would be nice, i love seeing where people are from.
sock yarn is always nice( cascade fixation?) lol. it doesn't matter what ever you give is fine and thanks for taking the time to shop for me !

Saturday, May 12, 2007

the begining of the blanket

ok so i managed to get one square done during my very busy work lol
this blanket is not going to take long at all to do and its going to be very pretty when finished .one square done, 47 more to do, then the border