Thursday, May 17, 2007

i got tagged!!!!

by Cathy @
thanks Cathy.
i have to write
8 things about my self , this is going to be hard

1 until my disability i worked for an agency that helped families in crisis
and the crisis could be anything from medical to kids gone wild. a lot of it was teaching parents how to parent

2 i don't drink alcohol

3 i like country music

4 i love getting together with a bunch of people for knitting

5 according to hubby and kids i make the best lasagna in the world and he would love for me to open a restaurant

6 i love receiving flowers baby yellow roses and white roses are my favourite
7 i love to play bingo

8 my best friend in the whole world is boz my hubby

ok thats all i can think of , i hope that its ok now to find some people to tag he he he

ok i have tagged elsie at

wendy at

now marg @

now knittingjunkie

and now amy

how about donna at

and now judie at

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Donna said...

AAARRRGH!!!!!!!!! I haven't even done the meme tag that isabelle just gave me a couple fo days ago!!!!!!!!!! EEEEEEEE!!!!!! I better get going! Now I have 16 things to think about! LOL!