Tuesday, May 8, 2007

pondering pondering

on what to start next. darling hubby that i have went to the USA for a bowling tourney this past weekend and decided to go to yarn Renaissance. while there he bought for me 6 balls of one of my fave sock yarns. cascade fixation. i love love love cascade fixations. he bought 2 dark blue 2 really pretty dark pink and 2 of white. he also bought me a pattern i have been wanting, the unfurling rose. has any one tried it?
the thing with the cascade, is i cannot buy it here where i am. so i usually ask for it when i join a swap. so how thoughtful was that. here he was on a bowling trip with the men and he went to a yarn shop for me. gotta love that man for sure :0)

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Penny said...

You certainly do gotta love a man who can be a man among other men and go to a knitting shop for his woman. You better take good care of him or someone will take him. There are not many around like Boz