Saturday, May 19, 2007

yea!!!! lucky me!!

instead of just one partner in the bottle swap, lucky me i get two YEA!!!

I love shopping for my bottle swap partners. trying to fig out what they would like. I always like to try and put some thing personally made into the swap if I can, .I remember 1 partner I had to send out to. not only was she totally into knitting and a very fine knitter, she and her hubby were totally into their fishing and took fishing trips all the time.well I decided to do something a little diff. sure i sent her knitted items, after all this is a knitting group, but i also ventured a little further into my shopping and bout her a load of fishing stuff. oh like jigs and rigs and fishing line you get the idea. well the day before leaving on a fishing trip, my partner received my swap and she was so happy and it was perfect timing as they were leaving the next morning to go fishing. she absolutely loved the fact that she got all this fishing gear. that's why i like to try and find out more about my partner if I can that way I can always include something different. something they wouldn't expect to get in a swap. and thats half the fun I think.
some times if I know they have small children I will sut something in for the kids as kids love getting surprises in the mail. if they have furbabies, I like to put some treats of toys in for the fur babies
you have to try and be creative with out breaking the bank. and its possible, you dont have to spend alot of money all the time. just take the time to know your partner and from there and you will have a blast

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