Monday, May 7, 2007


well i have really been intested in the breast cancer awarness campaign lately. i lost a young (42)year old cousin to breast cancer 2 yrs ago, and it was terrible.using the awarness ribbon graph , i made a small felted bag in 2 shades of pink with a draw string and pompoms. it was really cute and as soon as i can i will post a picture. anyways i made a couple of pink washcloths with different ribbon designs and then a bar of felted soap coupled with some bath salts and a tin candle and mailed it to a friend in the usa just becouse. i made the bag up as i went along, it was big enough to hold everything in it with room to spare. she e-mailed me that she received it and was quite happy with it. i like when things i knit turn out good lol i will have to make some more of these up for the women in my life, they make really nice and thoughtful gifts.
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