Friday, May 11, 2007

the when ever group

I belong to a really good group called the whenever group. mostly the talk is socks, but it gets off topic to which is fine. I love yahoo groups. most of them are friendly and you get to meet a lot of wonderful people on line. and if your lucky enough, some of those people you end up meeting in person. that happened with my friend penny and I. we ended up in a few groups together and then found out we live in the same city and well the rest is history. she really is a lovely lady very warm and generous and she was the one who finally helped me learn to make socks :0)
anyways, new bottle swap is coming out and i cant wait to get my partners name.
I love the swaps we do in this group the people here are so generous and it so much fun to shop for people you don't know and like to surprise.

we have a data base where we put info up as to our likes and dislikes but I thoughtI would put some info here in case my partner reads blogs
my dislikes:
nothing really, I am always so pleased and surprised at what my partners have sent. I'm so easy going and willing to try any thing new

my likes:
well now that's a different story lol I like any thing to do with knitting lol.I like bamboo needles/who doesn't? and can always use more for socks. I also recently tried and liked very much knit pick dpns.
books? knitting around the edge is one i have always wanted. well any book in that series would be great.
sock yarn, you can never ever have too much.I like opals in solids, I love cascade fixation just love love it but I again prefer solids. the reason I like this yarn so much is because Imake sock out of it for my mom. my mom is soon to be 68 yrs old and still works as a waitress, so she is constantly on her feet. now my mom is to me one of the best knitters in the world , she taught me when i was young. but for some reason she doesn't like making socks. so the first pair Imade for her was in cascade fixation and I told her to wear them to work as they were cotton and would be kind to her feet. well she did and now 6 pairs later
so she is always asking me to make her more with that cotton. we cant get it where I live and as Idon't have a credit card I cant order on line, I usually get some in a swap which is fabulous. so thanks to past swap partners my mother can now work in comfort. she compared it to walking on cloud 9. anything for mom right?
so yes I'm easy to please when it comes to swaps ,I am trying to learn how to spin on a drop spindle so fleece would be nice.
all in all I appreciate every thing Iget who wouldn't? these people take time and energy to shop for some one they don't know and I for one appreciate that.
the one thing I guess Idon't like getting is candy not much into that unless its really dark chocolate yum!! and oh coffee I love my coffee i love trying new different coffees. i had one lady send me blueberry coffee and it was fantastic.
well I'm off now, land lord is coming to work on the toilet and I need to get some knitting done.
hope you have a fab knitting day today :0) think happy thoughts

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