Wednesday, May 16, 2007

when ever bottle swap

well i got a partner for the whenever bottle swap and I'm so excited.
i love this swap. it has always been a good swap well organized and the people that sign up for it, the partners i have given to and received from have always been great.

i have a few ideas in mind for my partner but i wont disclose yet. just in case she reads blogs. this is the first time i have been in this swap with a blog so it should be interesting.
to the partner who is sending to me. i mentioned a few things in a previous post and like i said , i love everything i get. I'm not picky at all.
the one thing i probably don't need is note pads or sticky notes. a calender from your area would be nice, i love seeing where people are from.
sock yarn is always nice( cascade fixation?) lol. it doesn't matter what ever you give is fine and thanks for taking the time to shop for me !

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Cathy said...

TAG!!! You are it ..
Read my blog to find out