Thursday, May 10, 2007

i have decided

what to do next.should be simple enough . i have several baby blankets and out fits that i need to be making for 3 upcoming babies.Two are within the next 2 months and the last is in November. the last one is the addition to our family so there is lots of time.
i have started a blanket from sirdar in pink,lots of work lot of small squares to be sewn together, but that means it is also a portable project so i can take it with me where ever i go.
its been a while since i have done a blanket , i love making them, so this should keep me busy for a while. i will post a pic of the color as soon as i have a square made.


suzyknits said...

The blanket and pillow you have pictured are beautiful.

baba black sheep said...

thank you suzy its actually a very easy pattern and works up fast :0)

Lia said...

That is a beautiful pattern! Can you tell me the pattern number? My e-mail is shieldlm AT hotmail DOT com. Thanks!