Wednesday, May 23, 2007

oh no!!!

me. here. with out a computer? yes it happened on no!!!! I thought the old girl died on me. I was sooo sad Hubby panicked the other night when we had a storm coming thru. "shut the computer off it might get fried" he cried . silly man lol I never shut off my comp. I had trouble with the on/off switch before so my computer is always on. but, he was panicked so I shut it off. then, sure enough waaa!!! it wouldn't come back on. what to do what to do. hubby started to tease me."your going thru with drawl" he laughed.
had sil come over today, sure enough it was the on /off switch and....tada!!!! he fixed it, and now I'm happy. whewwww, life with out a computer how the heck do people manage now a days ? lol


Bianca said...

Glad to see it is only the on/off switch ;-) Have a super weekend!

baba black sheep said...

yes me to lol you dont realize how addicted you can get when its gone :0)
thanks for stopping by

Anonymous said...

i don't know how people manage. but then again, i'm at the pc everyday with my job, so when i'm home, especially on weekends, i gladly go without being on the pc. guess i take it for granted because it's so regularly available to me.

your MassP

Anonymous said...

Hi - I am your ITE IV buddy. The e-mail address I got for you is not correct. Could you please e-mail me at - I'm anxious to hear from you and get started on a great bag for you. Have a wonderful weekend!